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Teenspirational Speaker, TV Show Presenter, Transformational Speaker


Inspiring Youth in Challenging Times

Finding Happiness

Becoming a Champion in Life

Dealing with Bullying

Finding Your Way Back after Hardships



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Vaibhav Nahata is the CEO of Success Society Intl. At just 19, He is an International Trainer and Inspirational Speaker. He has spoken to youths from 51 countries. Having touched more than 2,40,000 lives as an international speaker at various Intl. conferences around the world. He also runs his Inspirational TV Show Called Being Champions on National Television. Furthermore, Vaibhav is the founder of the smiley mission and has made his life mission to ignite #Champion within teens.


By Success Society Intl., Vaibhav works with numerous students around the world training them for Life-Skills in the most fun ways. They also organize Intl. conferences of schools/students/teachers and principals.


With his TV Show, Being Champions with Vaibhav Nahata, he has interviewed Billionaires, Best-Selling Authors, Golden Button Youtubers, Olympics with one common mission, inspiring students to become Champions. With smiley mission, he meets strangers every day in the street or virtually and inspires them to smile. Doing it every day for the last 2.5 years, he has met over 5000 people 1-1 and inspired them to smile.

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