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Nick Foley is an educator and entrepreneur as well of a starter or things. His work has left an impact of thousands and thousands across the country and beyond.  Nick has had the privilege of speaking all over North America to a variety of different audiences. He is also the author of two books: “Act Like You’ve Been There: Rules For My Brother,” a guide to living with integrity and perpetuating good citizenship; and most recently the children’s book “Kapernakus” (Ka- pern-a-kus) which focuses on self-esteem and inclusion.

Recently Nick has started and scaled the initiative "20k Sock Day" 300% in just three short years. He knows how to get things going. As an award winning educator Nick works to bring innovation in the post secondary realm. 

In 2015, Move for Inclusion took Nick on a coast to coast bike trip from Victoria, BC to St John’s, NFLND; stopping at various locations along the way to speak about Inclusion of all people without bias. Nick was able to complete his 8312 km journey on July 25, 2015, after 95 days on his bike. Over the course of his ride, Nick spoke to thousands of people on the importance of creating a culture of understanding and acceptance, while raising money for charity.


Nick is driven by the desire to perpetuate an environment of self-worth, acceptance, and empowerment in communities, schools, businesses, and families.


Nick is the very proud father of beautiful Brynn and Welles, from whom he has learned more than he ever thought imaginable. They have been and continue to be the greatest teachers in his life.

Nick does online and group coaching with his Life of Cadence program. When Nick is not doing all these things he is at home with his wife and his two children who serve as his most influential inspirations. 

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