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Resilience Speaker, Author, Ironman Triathlete




Getting Unstuck

Growth Mindset




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Molly Kennedy is an award-winning, international resilience speaker and author of Creating the Champion Within. She has spent the past 24 years empowering others to Get UP When Life Knocks Them Down.


Her heart’s work is to inspire you to paradigm shift your way to developing a resilient mindset that breeds confidence and success. Molly’s message will empower you to get UNstuck from any challenge or transition life throws at you. You’ll learn practical, user friendly strategies applicable to every aspect of life. This is NOT a one and done message! It will stick to your ribs!


She ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to resiliency, grit and perseverance. Molly grew up in a dysfunctional family with addiction, divorce, abuse, neglect, abandonment, suffered from an eating disorder, was suicidal and a runaway at 15 years old.  If you are looking for a message of how to overcome obstacles, reach goals and create the best version of yourself, Molly’s your gal!


At 5’ 1”, she was the 3rd leading scorer in girls’ basketball in Western New York history, she’s a bodybuilding champion, an Empire State Games Gold Medalist in olympic-style weightlifting, has finished a full Ironman Triathlon (140.6 miles), completed multiple marathons, jumped out of an airplane twice, walked across fire twice and even met Oprah.


Her enthusiasm, vulnerability, sense of humor and gut-level honesty will inspire you to believe in yourself and create the champion within YOU!


Connect on:

Instagram & Twitter: @FlipYour20_

Facebook: @Flip Your 20

YouTube: Molly L Kennedy

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