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Speaker, Writer, Capacity Creator, Podcaster, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneurship Professor


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Melanie Sodka is a human behaviour enthusiast helping overwhelmed people who are over-committed and distracted. She’s a Podcaster and an international speaker who addresses Capacity Management. Through her structures and frameworks, she reveals how our addition to distraction is literally breaking down our bodies. Her research and trademarked tools have helped tens of thousands in managing their personal capacity while staying out of burnout and doing more of what they love. 


For many years, Melanie has been engaging and shifting the perspectives of her audiences in the classroom, boardroom and conference rooms. A TEDx speaker, Melanie designs custom talks and virtual series to serve her clients. She is also an experienced lead facilitator for national conferences as well as an EMCEE for various events.


Currently, Melanie is working with many international organizations and their multiple divisions through speaking and team capacity programs. She is also pursuing her dream of writing a book where she shares true stories and a suite of tools, including her very own Egocake™  Framework, intended to guide people through the discovery of their personal capacity and ultimately how to respect it. 

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