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Educator, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Specialist 


Functional Fitness

Body Positivity

Accessible Wellness

Sarcasm On Demand



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Mandy Arthurs is a seasoned Fitness Instructor, specializing in creating challenging and accessible programs to suit multiple needs and abilities. Having taught fitness and yoga for both adults and kids, Mandy is ready to be an inclusive and welcoming voice of encouragement. Her goal has always been to take the fear out of fitness, and bring back the fun of getting out, moving your body and becoming a better you.

A long time educator, teaching at the college level, Mandy brings her wry sense of humour to every interaction and never shies away from speaking her mind. She is passionate about wellness, and helping people find consistency in their lives. While she advocates for optimum health, she also makes things relatable... and has never met a cheeseburger she didn't like. It's all about balance.

A proud Mother of her 10 year old daughter, Mandy understands the trials and tribulations of single parenthood, and is here to be a reassuring (and realistic) voice. Whether it is for a parent who needs a reminder of their awesomeness, a child who needs a nudge, or a friendly, funny voice of "reason" - Mandy is ready for your Pep Talk. 

*The occasional rant may occur*

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