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Speaker, Leadership Trainer, DJ and Founder of the 100 Day Playbook






Mindset/ Motivation



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Juan Bendana is a renowned speaker, leadership trainer, and DJ who speaks on high school & University campuses as well as conferences internationally. He speaks to 50,000+ students, educators, and parents across Canada & the United States every year.

He is the Founder of The 100 Day Playbook, a guided Journal that helps students build better habits, boost productivity, & optimize their life.


He has partnered with major organizations such as Sony Pictures and helps brands connect with students in meaningful ways.

Through his message of Engagement & Action, Juan creates an environment that makes both students and staff feel inspired, influential, and engaged. Juan gets students excited about engaging with their schools & communities.

He uses storytelling, humour & LIVE DJing to highlight a message of Engagement, Leadership, & Decision Making that resonates with every audience member.


Every year, Juan Keynotes annual conferences, orientation events, & student assemblies that bring him to over 50 cities across Canada & the United States.


Juan brings a new energy to school campus’ and conferences. His message has a lasting impact that sticks with students far beyond the speech.


He is a former snowboard instructor, sushi expert, and can recite every word of the Lion King.

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