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veteran motivational speaker, and the Founder of Pep Talk, Ian Tyson lives and breathes positivity. Starting with gratitude and leading with intention, Ian strives to help everyone find their "Silver Lining" no matter how dark the cloud may be. For more than 30 years, Ian has been entertaining and inspiring audiences around the world to realize their potential and seek happiness in their lives.

He combines hilarious and heartfelt story telling, with observational humour and meaningful life lessons to leave people with thoughts and words to live by. By speaking in a relatable way about even the most painful of life experiences, Ian connects on a deep level with those he listens to. His background in student leadership, theatre and stand up comedy make him a quick improviser and a wellspring of energy.

Over the course of his career, he has spoken to countless conferences, companies, and educational institutions. A TEDx presenter, author, podcast host, award winning speaker and comic, Ian brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his work. Having had the pleasure of performing in front of millions of people over the course of his career, Ian's focus remains the connections he can make with individuals either in an audience, or through a screen. 


Ian's book "Hooray for Everything! The Optimist Manifesto" was self-published in 2013 and has been sold to audiences across the globe and it has been used in classrooms and boardrooms alike. A collection of stories, rants, tips and tricks; the book focuses on how to find and keep a positive attitude and what it can do to change the course of your life. 

An avid home cook, Ian appeared on Season 1 of The Food Network Canada show, "Wall of Chefs." Early in the 2020 pandemic, he created his own online cooking show called "The Confined Kitchen." He continues to follow that passion and combine it with his speaking and performance career with "cooking keynotes," live cooking events and corporate recipe videos. He also speaks fluent "nerd" and will wave that flag proudly!

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