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Hayley Press is a loud and lively Canadian who is inspiring people to prioritize joy. She advocates for you to make a conscious choice every day to do at least one thing that makes you smile. Her favourite quote (as she defines as being 'simple, yet often overlooked') is "Do more of what makes you happy." 


There can be so much that's out of your control, but you can also usually choose what you give power to (even when you feel like you can't). So whenever and wherever you can, you should find joy! Consume it all - be joy-FULL! The beauty is that it's everywhere! In big things and little things, and while it can feel hard to find sometimes, it'll always appear again, and it's always worth the hunt. Sometimes you might even have to make your own!


Passionate about mental health, body and self love, and growth and getting out of your comfort zone, Hayley will remind you that joy is worth:
  • seeking resources to feel more like yourself again and see the beauty in basics

  • communicating and having awkward or uncomfortable conversations to express what you need

  • putting on that bikini to feel the sun and water against your skin, and listening to music with your friends or family in the sand

  • feeling silly telling yourself affirmations in the mirror to remind yourself of your worth

  • trying something new, even if you're nervous, to show yourself how capable you are

  • applying to that job and chasing your passion, putting hope out into the world

  • dancing like a total fool because you simply just love that song

  • and so much more.

This is your revel-ation that you are in control of your happiness. Choose yourself. Choose joy. Fill your paint can, so you can overflow into others'. And go paint the town red!
Hayley can help you get that pep back in your step! Let's get your pep talk.
--- An Event Coordinator from 9am-5pm, and a Podcast Host and Blogger from 5pm-9pm, Hayley has always been able to express herself and connect with people best through creative storytelling and experiential moments. She quite literally wants to create joy for others - even if just for a moment in time. 
The Reveller is a brand, blog, and podcast encouraging you to #BeLoudAndLively about what brings you joy. Through storytelling and interviews with Revellers who choose to live a life they love and revel in it, The Reveller is sure to show you that life should be a #CelebrationOfElation. More information can be found at, @TheRevellerCa on all social media, and on The Reveller Recording: A Loud & Lively Podcast available on all podcast platforms.
Revel on!
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