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Courageous Leadership






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Are you looking for inspiration, advice and a motivational pep talk from a trailblazing leader? Erica is excited to help you get what you want when you reach out for a Pep Talk.


Erica Ehm’s passion for innovation, reinvention and connection is what sets her apart as a speaker, moderator, entrepreneur, broadcaster, and now Pep Talker. Her keynotes around courageous leadership, reinvention and reimagining success resonate with organizations and individuals. Let Erica Ehm bring the same enthusiasm she brings to her keynotes to your inbox to inspire you, your business or your friend who needs some motivation or ideas to get unstuck.


Erica Ehm is a creative problem solver who knows how to make shit happen.


In the 80’s she turned her passion for music into a full time career as one of Canada’s first MuchMusic VJs. For a decade, Erica became a trusted voice of her generation, a trailblazing woman in the media, and formidable television host and interviewer. Her conversation with Kurt Cobain has become the gold standard in rock’n’roll journalism.


Erica has a unique ability to reinvent and lead by turning personal passion into purpose-driven work. She is considered a pioneer in content marketing and community building as founder of niche publishing brand, and CEO of the digital agency Ehm & Co, both serving the mom market. Under Erica’s leadership, her companies continue to innovate and have earned over a dozen prestigious awards.


Erica partners with top brands to build community and connection through content marketing and social media. Her collaborations with research scientists to mobilize knowledge are considered ground-breaking, earning her a prestigious Governor General’s Innovation nomination.


At the core, Erica is a creator. She continues to build her multimedia portfolio including credits as an author, journalist, playwright, and awarding-winning songwriter. Her popular Reinvention of the VJ podcast, featuring interviews with MuchMusic personalities, is filled practical career and life lessons.  

When you book Erica, you’re also contributing to, who will receive a portion of the fees for every Pep Talk Erica gives.

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