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Productivity & Well-being Coach, HSP, Speaker, Podcast Host


Productivity / Procrastination


Work-Life Integration


Neurodiversity (high sensitivity)



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Clare Kumar is a Productivity Catalyst - inspiring professionals to achieve sustainable performance – improving productivity and well-being while avoiding exhaustion and burnout. An award-winning entrepreneur, executive coach, international speaker, and sought-after media contributor, Clare has been featured in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, and numerous news and lifestyle shows. 

Clare's highly sensitive temperament is behind her superpower of noticing little things that make a big difference. She is on a mission to raise awareness of this HSP trait (also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity) which affects 20% of all people. She wants to encourage other HSP’s to take good care of themselves and be brave enough to ask for what they need to succeed.

Clare lives on Lake Ontario and if you want the lake in the background, let her know. If weather cooperates, she’s happy to share the serenity of the water.

Clare is would be delighted to play with different accents in her delivery – she has sometimes been referred to as “Clare – from I don’t know where”. Make a request and if she can do it, she will! After all, Clare’s motto is “have fun while getting things done!”

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