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Professional Wrestler, Speaker, Storyteller, Philanthropist, but most importantly… Dad.



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At the age of 5, Chris had one goal… to one day wrestle in the same ring as his childhood heroes and become a professional wrestler. Chris grew up in a small, secluded, rural town with a population of less than 200 people. Chris strived to dream BIG despite coming from a small place and being told that his dream was an impossible one. Despite many obstacles, Chris eventually achieved his dream and wrestled in the same ring as his favourite childhood wrestlers.


Because of these experiences, Chris can empathize with people who live in smaller communities. People who are often told “No… you can’t do that.” Chris believes that the size of other people’s expectations shouldn’t dictate the size of your dreams. You can dare to dream BIG. Chris’s Pep Talks offer messages of hope to those who struggle with self-confidence and low expectations.


Chris chooses to remain positive through life’s hardships and today, Chris wrestles around the world as "Cody Deaner"with IMPACT Wrestling and is seen in 150 million homes in 120 countries worldwide. He also travels around the globe sharing his story with youth everywhere. Chris’s Pep Talks are relatable to so many people who are struggling because he shares stories of his personal hardships and how he has overcome those hardships through the power of storytelling.


Chris’s story involves overcoming adversity, setting goals, focusing on the positive rather than the negative, striving to be a positive influence in your community, and putting in the work in order to achieve your dreams. We live in a world where many have lost hope. Many are having a hard time developing the grit to achieve their goals in a world that continues to tell us know. Chris’s Pep Talk will leave you and the ones you love feeling confident, full of hope, and ready to tackle life’s hardships.

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