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8-Time TEDx Speaker and Creator of “Thank U Live.”


Appreciation and Gratitude


Transitions and Milestones in Work, School and Life

Radical Relationship Building 



Price includes applicable taxes.


Blake Fly believes that appreciation is rocket fuel to create epic relationships and has built his career around this single idea. 


Blake is a Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur and 8-time TedX Speaker. Blake's unexpected approach to appreciation has gotten him hired to deliver keynotes on over 1000 stages and invited to work with companies like Lululemon, LinkedIn and Microsoft. 


Blake is the Co-Founder of a daily virtual coworking team for entrepreneurs around the world, keeping everyone accountable to their “important, but no urgent” growth projects in business. 


Blake is also the producer of the 55-year event series for entrepreneurs, called “Thank U Live.” Every year, Blake invites Entrepreneurs from all over the world to look back on their year, celebrate their progress and appreciate the people in their life. Everyone delivers LIVE gratitude messages to the key individuals in their life and their business. Thousands of thank yous are sent and received around the world within minutes. 


Blake is a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles, does not get along with gluten or dairy, loses every staring contest with his baby boy, and has a huge crush on his beautiful bride, Emily. 

Let's Create Your Personalized Pep Talk!


Let's Get Your Pep On!

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