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Mental Health Advocate, Supporter, Dog Mom, Outdoor Enthusiast  


Trying Something New


Achieving Team Goals


Supportive Messages

(with a cute dog co-star)



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For the past 10 years, Ash has been facilitating and developing leadership programs that create safe spaces for all to be themselves and thrive across Canada and into Europe. She is known as the person to call if you need to talk something through or that person that will be your number one cheerleader if you're trying something new. 


Ash Baer is a strong believer in authenticity and the power of being authentically yourself. She is full of reminders for all to be themselves and gives the tools to work through self-doubt. Ash makes Mental Health a priority for herself and empowers others to do the same by offering tangible resources and support to connect people to the right place. She is grounded in the idea that we are all human and need different support at different times in our journey. 


Ash recently gained dog mom status and knows that her pup Charlie can take pep talks to the next level so, if you're looking for not only a human pep talk but, one featured with a peppy-dog, she is happy to bring Charlie in! 


If you're looking for a pep-talk to get you over the hurdle of trying something new, a good laugh, or some extra words of encouragement, Ash is your pep-talker! 

Let's Create Your Personalized Pep Talk!


Let's Get Your Pep On!

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