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Andy Thibodeau was called “Mr. School Spirit” by the alumni magazine of King’s College at Western University (London, Canada) when they named him alumni of the year in 2014. This passion for leadership and high-energy encouragement started in middle school when Andy successfully became student council vice president. He won because no one ran against him! 

From organizing pep rallies in high school as student president and coordinating his university’s orientation week to leading three mission trips to Mississippi to rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina, Andy’s enthusiasm for community service led to his unique 30-year career as a professional speaker and leadership trainer. Over two million people have experienced his IMPACT presentations in all 10 Canadian provinces and 40 US states. Andy has inspired almost one-third of Canada’s English high schools! 

Andy is a unique presenter who has the energy to entertain 7-year-olds, the humour and relevance to inspire 17-year-olds, and the professional experience to IMPACT 47-year-olds. 

As the father of two teen girls, Andy can provide an endless supply of dad jokes. Since he chaperoned most of the dances at his daughters’ elementary school, he knows what the fox says, how to whip and nae nae, and taught 4thgraders the words to Living on a Prayer! Andy is a rock and pop music historian who enjoys weaving stories of “rock ‘n roll” resilience and creativity from the world of music into his messages.

He is “Uncle Andy” to nine new Canadians from Congo who have been a big part of his life since arriving in late 2018. He has extraordinary empathy and support for new arrivals to our continent.  Raised Catholic and a long-time believer within the Presbyterian church, Andy is active in peace and inclusion initiatives between all faiths. Andy is actively recruited to speak to Islamic and Christian youth in his community.  


An athlete and sports fan all his life, his pre-game pep talks can either be a high-energy call to battle or an inspirational focus on success.

Andy is married to a French-speaking computers teacher who has taken him to her homeland of Scotland 13 times! Their travels to 18 countries fueled his passion as a historical storyteller to share the humour and inspiration of the past so we can IMPACT our future.

Andy considers himself blessed to be considered alongside these amazing people as part of the PEP TALK community. His hope is that you find the encouragement you or your loved one needs during these challenging times. You reading this is APPRECIATED! Thank you! 

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