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Emmy Award Winning Hall of Fame Speaker, Best Selling Author


Adapting To The Changing Times


Never Give Up...Here’s How

Life Isn’t Fair, So What Do I Do?

Less Is More...The Power of Gratitude



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Alvin Law is the “Master of Impressions”...the first one and the lasting one! He was born without arms and uses his feet for hands. First Impression? How Tragic! The lasting one is hard to define but “Triumphant” is one way.


Alvin was a victim of the infamous morning sickness medication, Thalidomide. By day five of his life, he was also homeless. His birth family gave him up. Tragic!

A couple in their mid 50’s gave him a home and raised one of the most resilient and inspiring persons you will ever experience. 


Alvin has been a motivational speaker since 1981, spoken on five continents to over 2,000,000 people and is even in the Canadian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. Oh, in 2018, he was also inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall as well. He is also a best selling author and world class drummer. Triumph!


What’s Alvin most proud of? He’s been married to his wife and business partner, Darlene, since 1993. He’s a proud father of Vance born in 1985. He’s even recorded a music video soundtrack at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England playing the drums...with his feet! And since 1976, he’s played a direct role in raising over 

$225,000,000 for charity. Talk about making an “Impression”! 

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