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Your own personalized motivational speech, a little B12 shot... is just below.  Just give us a few details about "the who" and "the how" you need someone perked up, and we'll take care of the rest! Peruse our team of speakers, influencers, storytellers and motivators to find one that best suits your needs.  MORE SPEAKERS ARE ON THE WAY AND WILL BE ADDED AS WE GROW!

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This symbol on a profile denotes "Pep Talk Gives Back" whereby the speaker will be donating some or all of the proceeds from their Pep Talks to a charity of their choice. 


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Erica Ehm

Much Music Icon, Trailblazer, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Erica Ehm is an entrepreneur and trailblazer who inspires and innovates. From Much Music icon to award-winning marketer, Erica continues to reinvent and lead by example.


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Codi Shewan

Speaker, Consultant, Best Selling Author

A motivational powerhouse who keeps it real and honest, Codi Shewan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who inspires everyone to shift their perspective and live with purpose, on purpose!



Dr. G - Deb Gilboa MD

Mom. Improv Artist, Family Doctor, Resilience Expert

​Dr. G gets people to do stuff they don't want to do all day every day and feel great about it! She's a doctor, a resilience expert and a mom of four boys. 



Stuart Knight

Thought Leader, Disruptor, Visionary

Stuart is an award winning entrepreneur, critically acclaimed author of 2 books, an expert panelist on numerous TV shows, host of a hit radio show, has a sought after podcast, and has thousands worldwide tune in each week for his thought provoking videos weekly.



Molly Kennedy

Resilience Speaker, Author, Ironman Triathlete

Molly will help you 'Create the Champion Within' and get UP when life knocks you down. She's been walking this walk for decades.



Brant Menswar

Speaker, Author, Performance Coach 

Brant Menswar is a best-selling author, performance coach and named one of America’s “Top 10" speakers in motivation.


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Maestro Wes Williams

Rap Legend, Speaker, Author




Alvin Law

Emmy Award Winning, Hall of Fame Speaker, and Best Selling Author

Born without arms but reaching out to embrace a better world!


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Melanie Sodka

Speaker, Writer, Capacity Creator, Podcaster, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneurship Professor

Melanie has helped thousands with their personal bandwidth. As the Capacity Management Expert, TEDx speaker and Professor, she shares powerful strategies, moving stories and staggering stats to help people discover their own capacity and ultimately how to respect it!


Leslie Ehm- headshot 2021 - 1.jpg

Leslie Ehm

Best Selling Author, Swagger Coach, Speaker

Leslie Ehm has discovered the secret to tapping into your authentic self and turning it into a superpower at work and in life. She's also the best selling author of "Swagger – Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want."


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Alison Springer

Speaker, Woman of Inspiration Award Winner, Former B-Ball & V-Ball coach

Alison has been empowering and inspiring audiences for over 20 years. She’s known for her memorable sayings as a speaker, quirky style. She is the founder of a non-profit that empowers women.



Stu Saunders

Successful Entrepreneur, Speaker, Filmmaker

Stu Saunders has built the largest private educational leadership organization in Canada (YLCC). He’s been a speaker for 30 years and worked with more than 3 million humans.


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Scott Hammell

Magician, Stunt Artist, Fourtime Guinness World Record Holder

Scott Hammell is a four-time Guinness World Record holder. Whether it’s magic, escape artistry, stunts, or speaking, his goal is to entertain and inspire.



J. Paul Nadeau

Speaker, Published Author, Podcaster, Mindset Negotiator

Paul Nadeau is a former hostage negotiator, international peacekeeper, and Special Victims Unit Detective who has used what he discovered during his many years of professional service to write a best-selling book on how to beat self-sabotage and live the life you deserve to live.



Clint Pulver

Emmy Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Author and Professional Drummer

​Clint Pulver is a professional keynote speaker, author, musician, pilot, and workforce expert. He has been featured by BusinessQ Magazine as a “Top 40 Under 40,” and, as a professional drummer, he has appeared in feature films and on America’s Got Talent. 


DO Headshot 2021.jpg

Duane "D.O." Gibson

Rapper, Motivational Speaker

Duane “D.O.” Gibson is a Guinness World Record setting rapper (longest freestyle ever 8 hours and 45 minutes).  He has performed over 2500 shows from schools in Canada to concerts in Europe, Asia and throughout the US.  He’s had Snoop Dogg provide him with freestyle topics, and Drake has even been in one of his videos.



Ash Baer

Mental Health Advocate, Supporter, Dog Mom, Outdoor Enthusiast  

Ash Baer is a force in the youth leadership world who empowers youth and adults to be their authentic selves and make their mental health a priority.



Dillon Mendes

Youth Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, Community Advocate

Dillon is extremely passionate about community engagement and human behaviour. He is also an alumnus of the Top 35 under 35 Global Changemaker awards, the Co-founder of PickWaste (featured on CBC, CTV, and CityNews), and a TEDx & Canadian Youth Speaker.



Mandy Arthurs

Educator, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Specialist

A seasoned fitness and yoga instructor, Mandy is a single Mom who is all about functional, accessible fitness and wellness. With a healthy dose of humour, she will be a relatable advocate for balance in your life!


Jeff AD Martin.jpg

Jeff A.D. Martin

Soul-Stirring Speaker and Transformational Coach

Jeff A.D. Martin is a soul-stirring, thought-provoking, highly requested transformational speaker, who has been using his platform to inspire people from around the world.


Merav headshot.jpeg

Merav Richter

Speaker, Author, Storyteller

Merav has delighted people around the world as she travelled spreading these Love Letters From Life as little reminders to everyone she meets that life loves you.


Ian Headshot 6.jpg

Ian Tyson

Veteran Speaker, Author, Comedian, Silver Lining Prospector

Since 1989, Founder of Pep Talk, Ian Tyson has been entertaining and inspiring audiences around the world. He combines humour and positivity into every interaction. Always heartfelt and energetic, Ian is passionate about making a difference for others.



JUAN Headshot 1.jpg

Juan Bendana

Speaker, Leadership Trainer, DJ and Founder of the 100 Day Playbook

Juan is a speaker & leadership trainer from Toronto, Canada. He is also a DJ, a former snowboard instructor, and can recite every word of the Lion King.




Nick Foley

Educator, Entrepreneur, Starter of Things

Nick is an entrepreneur and educator and starter of things, he looks to propagate social good with the campaigns he has started and the work he consistently does.



Clare Kumar

Productivity & Well-being Coach, HSP, Speaker, Podcast Host

Both highly sensitive and an expert in productivity and well-being, Clare will inspire you to get things done - including most importantly taking care of you!


peter katz.jpg

Peter Katz

JUNO-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Storyteller & Keynote Concert Creator

Peter Katz is one of Canada’s most in-demand speakers, delivering highly customized ‘Keynote Concerts’ to organizations around the world. Peter has been described by many of his fans and speaking clients as "a thunderbolt for the soul”.


Shannon Headshot 2020.JPG

Shannon McKain

Motivational Speaker, Former NFL Cheerleader

Motivational Speaker and Former NFL Cheerleader has been featured on CBS, ABC, Nickelodeon and several media outlets around the country.


Cody Deaner.jpg

Chris Gray

Wrestler, Speaker, Storyteller,
Philanthropist and Dad

Cody is a professional wrestler with IMPACT Wrestling, seen on millions of TV's every week. He also a youth speaker on positivity and the power of perseverance. He also leads his Give'r For Charity initiative for Children's charities across Canada.



Mark Black

Speaker, Coach, Resilience Expert

Mark Black is the only man in history to run a marathon with someone else's heart and lungs. He has spoken to nearly a quarter-million people around the world. Mark helps people build their internal resilience so they can thrive in challenging times.



Sam Demma

Youth Speaker & Entrepreneur

Sam Demma is an entrepreneur, youth coach, and keynote speaker. He co-founded the volunteer organization PickWaste, created the High Performing Student, delivered two TEDx Talks, and is a Board Director of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. 



Janine Hogg

Mindfulness Teacher, Poet & Lover-of-Life

Janine Hogg is a spirited speaker and gifted poet, who brings her passion for connectivity to everything she does. With a voice that’s been said to “bring people home to themselves,” Janine’s imagery-rich offerings are like poetry for the soul. 


Brandon1 Crop.jpg

Brandon Love

Inspirational Wizard

An expert magician who has spent his life studying possibilities and how to create them. He believes that everyone is far more capable than they realize, and he works to help others discover their potential.


Adonis Rosalle Jr.jpg

Adonis Rosalle

Business Development Consultant, Speaker and Creator 

I specialize in Business Development, Persuasion and Power Communication!

Let's Talk!



Kim Sutherland

Speaker, Chef, Connector, Mindful Eating & Meditation Practitioner, Yogi 

I am a connector, to you, others, your food and your habits. Let's get connected.



Wendy Russell

Speaker, Film & TV Producer, Gemini-Nominated TV Host

Best known as the host, producer & creator of HGTV Canada's "She's Crafty", Wendy is a mental health advocate on a mission to help others heal through fun, play & creativity. 


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Joze Headshot.png

Joze Piranian

Speaker, Comedian, Seasoned Stutterer

A lifelong stutterer turned Forbes featured TEDx Speaker and Stand-up Comedian, Joze Piranian inspires people who hold back to overcome their "inner stutter" so they can skyrocket their potential in life. He speaks 6 languages and stutters in all of them!



Andy Thibodeau

Impact and Encouragement for All Ages

Andy Thibodeau is a 30+ year veteran speaker with keen eye for Spirit and Leadership! Rock history buff and avid storyteller, Andy is ready to bring impact to your Pep Talk!



Carla Cuglietta

Humanitarian, Speaker, Educator, Unshakable Optimist

Carla Cuglietta is an award winning humanitarian and personal leadership educator and coach. Carla has a deep belief that leadership is a mindset. She has helped thousands of people get from where they are now, to where they want to be through personal leadership.



Mihai Raducanu

Leadership Coach, Inspirational & Educational Speaker, University Professor

Mihai uses stories from his very diverse life experiences to teach the fundamentals of Leadership, Gratitude, Hard Work and Relationships.


Sarah Wells Medal Headshot_edited.jpg

Sarah Wells

Olympian, Speaker, Believe Initiative Founder

As an Olympic hurdler, Amazing Race Canada Finalist, and Motivational Speaker, Sarah can talk about mindset, resilience, training tips, scholarships, motivation and more! 


tyler hayden 9816 SQUARE-c.jpeg

Tyler Hayden

International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Livin’ Life Large

Tyler Hayden has been called “Canada’s Answer to Alternative Energy.” His keynotes, team building, and learning events are like mainlining an Energy Drink.



Gaby Mammone

Inspirational Speaker, Kindness Advocate, Career Coach, MS Ambassador